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That old book again?!?

Old loves….the ones that you never really get over. They lurk in the shadows of your mind, sent there to be lost and forgotten. But usually, every once in a while, something triggers them and they pop back on the surface. There’s a variety of causes: an unexpected phone call, bumping into that person after a longer period of time, or even a visit to the place where you shared your first romantic episode. I think the last option is the hardest!

We humans are very submissive types of beings that respond quite well to different stimulants in our surroundings. A picture is worth a thousand words. Well, when you incorporate that picture with a certain smell, you get a custom made time capsule which takes you to the farthest parts of your brain, and not to mention heart. Old memories and feelings that were bottled up throughout the years come bursting out! Suddenly you want to call that person, tell them you miss them and are still pretty much in love with them. The problem becomes even bigger if the two of you stayed good friends.

You know it’s never a good idea to open up that old book again. Start reading the story which you’ve gone thru a thousand times, cause you’re quite aware of the fact that the ending is never going to be “happily ever after”. Why go there?!? Because, on one hand, we’re all sadists that have the urge to win over the person that we know is not capable of loving us back, at least not the way we want them to…..and on the other side….you never forget that fist true love. The feeling that person evoke just by being close to you. It is also one of the reasons why most of our relationships are doomed.

We will always unconsciously compare the new person in our lives to the one true “never gotten over you” love. That sucks, cause nobody will fill those shoes ever again (let’s be real, there are no two people, on the whole wide world, that are so much alike), but at the same time somebody is measuring us by the same stupid ex standard. The truth is, if you’re not one of the lucky people that manage to hold on to “the one”….you are basically screwed!

My advice is, put your love life on hold, concentrate on other aspects, and while you’re doing that somebody might even come along….not maybe the real thing, but the high quality knock off (we don’t want the cheap Chinese version, but the Tokyo “almost can’t see that it’s fake deal). Until that happens, put Fergie and her “Labels or love” on your mp3 player and start strutting proudly down the street with your real Birkin on one hand and the fake “boy toy” on the other!

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