nedjelja, 4. prosinca 2011.

New-old Me!

First of all I would like to apologize for neglecting my readers for so long. You’re must be thinking, lol, what readers? :) I know, I know….my audience is quite limited, basically down to one. But that person alone is worthy enough of my “I don’t know what to call them stories”. So here we go…

The reason I haven’t been writing is not the fact that I didn’t have the inspiration, or for that matter, a subject to write about, because I did. So many things happened in the last month, that I could have been posting encyclopedias every day! The problem was time, actually the lack of it. It’s funny how your world can flip upside down in a matter of weeks…

For the past four years I’ve been living under the excuse that I’m a full time student, with student like responsibilities. Classes, studying, exams, internships, and so on… Wrong! The only thing that I was learning was how to max out my credit card, get down a bottle of vodka in three hours, break the world’s record in the longest time spent drinking coffee/doing nothing, and let’s not forget the most important discipline of all, man hunting. Yes, the student life is very tough now a days. You could have dismembered my life down to timecards made out of shopping, drinking, doing nothing, and you know what’s the fourth one (I don’t have to spell that one out for you). Well that ship has sailed my friend. The only fourth thing I’ll be doing is gonna be with my excel sheets.

Yes, I started working. And don’t get me wrong, I’m really happy and fortunate to be given a shot, in a small but perspective firm, with great colleagues and a semi demanding boss with a hot ass. The thing is….since I’ve started working, an 8 hour job off course, I haven’t had time for anything. Been neglecting my friends big time, coffee-sitting for hours is out of the question anymore, the blog hasn’t seen a letter in ages, and my legs have revisited the flower child era because I didn’t have time to run by the beauty parlor, or even a pharmacy for that matter. The worst part is that my brain has gone into a renascence mode, developing a desperate need for knowledge and expressing itself. The body on the other hand, is not quite cooperative.

The other day I caught myself falling asleep on the couch while watching TV. Don’t be all, well what’s so strange about that? It happened in the middle of my favorite TV novella episode, where the leading girl sees her man after two years of thinking he was dead!!! En serio?!? The old me would never, ever do such a thing, better yet, the old me wouldn’t be caught dead watching something like that in the first place! That’s when I was forced to make some “before new years” resolutions….

Don’t worry, my next step isn’t adopting a bunch of cats and putting up flowery wallpaper. It’s getting this fat ass into the clubbing/event scene again. Also, one of the new/old me resolutions, is posting more often and bringing a bit of what I love the most to this blog, and that’s fashion! So for the beginning, let me show you the unbelievably high heel pair of booties I’m ordering with my first paycheck (which is also a road kill)! :)

 Jeffrey Campbell  LITA STUD