srijeda, 28. rujna 2011.


You know the feeling, don’t you? When you want something so bad, you know that it’s perfect for you, you can almost reach it, but at the end it just disappears, evaporates like boiling water.

That’s what happened to my dream job, puff…’s gone. And the saddest part is that I didn’t even get the chance to prove my worthiness on the interview. The firm just decided, based on my resume, that I’m not the candidate they were looking for (even thou I have all the qualifications they wanted in a employee) and decided not to bother by giving me a few minutes of their time to introduce myself in person. That just sucks. And I was really looking forward to the opportunity, even picked out the perfect outfit, very sassy but at the same time chic. Prepared my speech according to the usual questions they ask: why do you see yourself in this company, how could you contribute to it, are you willing to devote yourself completely, and all of the usual questions of  that manner…but I guess that wasn’t enough.

I must admit it got to me a little bit, and for the next few hours, after receiving the sucky “Thank you on applying for the job, but we must inform you that we found somebody more competent for the position.” e-mail, I’ve been pretty down and under. A marathon made out of new episodes from my favorite tv shows like The Vampire Diaries, Gossip Girl, Drop Dead Diva and Royal Pains, in a combination with chocolate chip cookies and a few cups of green tea (don’t ask me how the two go together, they just do) did the trick.

It made me wonder about other opportunities that are out there. Sure, it sucks that I didn’t get the position which was tailor made for me, but in this age of time we all go through life with quite a large wardrobe, opposite of the old days (read B.C.) when you only had a few outfits per lifetime….in translation: I believe that there is more than one perfect job, path or even life style to chose from and that failures, falls, disappointments only make us reevaluate our lives keeping the focused on what we actually want, because as we grow our wants also grow with us.

Bottom line, when life kicks you to the curve, you just have to get up and keep walking!

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