subota, 8. listopada 2011.

The story about a smartphone and a pair of tweezers

Misplacing things is a great big pain in the ass! Although it happens to me quite often, I never seem to get used to it. Sure it’s not such a big deal if it happens with a t-shirt or a piece of fake jewelry which you don’t depend on a regular basis….but it’s a completely different story when it happens to an object that you use almost every day.

I have misplaced my only pair of tweezers exactly five days ago. For the first two days I was pretty calm considering the situation, thank goodness I’m not one of those picture perfect “I have to look fabulous every minute of the day” type of girls, cause if I was, the missing tweezers report would be filled out the first second of the 25th hour. The evening of day three was the first time I started to feel the need for my steal made friend. I was doing my regular washing and moisturizing evening routine which is always played out in front of the bathroom mirror. I stopped for a second and just stared, uhhh, that doesn’t look too good. My eyebrows have started to grow new friends right beneath them. Not a pretty picture. Something had to be done. I swept thru the regular places where I could have put the tweezers, but nothing. After that I started to look in the unusual places, even took a look in the fridge (one time I left the remote in there), but still nothing. They were definitely missing in action! That night I went to bed very uneasy. Day four was even worse, the eyebrows kept expanding and the tweezers were nowhere to be found. This morning I woke up with hope that they might turn out, you know the way everything eventually does, but this wasn’t the case. The eyebrows have completely took over my face. I’m raising the white flag, and buying a pair of new tweezers tomorrow morning. A good general admits his defeat.

This little situation made me think about the tools that modern day Women couldn’t survive without. I’m not talking about making a fifty item list, cause we all know how we come to depend on a lot of different gadgets these days. Let’s just think about the essentials. The items you couldn’t survive even two days without. And keep in mind that I don’t mean it literary “survive”. Of course that the only basics you need for survival are water, a snack here and there, and something to keep your booty warm. I’m thinking of modern world things, like a hair iron, or a regular iron….thou I think anybody could survive without either one, especially the second one. Let’s think about it for a second….hmmm….hair dryer? No, you could always dry it naturally, that’s even a healthier option. Hair brush? Think you could manage a few days with out that item? Sure. Ok, let’s get out of the beauty section…what else is there in life? Work, family, friends…. Put that all in one and you get “keeping in touch”. Off course, that’s it! A smartphone! That’s the only other thing you really need. Don’t get me wrong, and misread a phone. A phone is a contraption of the last century. The new, and improved version is the smartphone. Imagine the phone had sex with the computer and they had a baby. A little smartphone. The same way a hybrid of a vampire and a werewolf would have both their powers, so does the little love child of the two very popular electronic devices. You can call and text, but at the same time you have the option of checking and sending your emails, browsing the internet, and enjoying the vide variety of social networks. That’s one of the devices I definitely couldn’t live without!

I could survive a week without a lot of things, but please don’t ever separate me from those two things. Take the TV, laptop, fridge and the washing machine, and I will manage. I could easily hand wash my clothes, but I don’t know how could I pluck my eyebrows or text without the previously listed items. Smoke signs have been outdated for a couple of centuries, and my attempt of making a sugar waxing paste wasn’t a success.  :D

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