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Is “Idiocracy” our future?

Yesterday I watched a really interesting movie. Well….at least the concept of the movie was interesting, as for the final product, let’s just say that it should have been called “Dumb and dumber, the sequel”. But I consider the first 10 minutes to be the most enlightening “documentary” I’ve ever seen.

The theory goes like this: Evolution doesn’t always guarantee it’s outcome to be a higher intelligence, so there is a big possibility that in a few hundred years we will be reduced to our beginning, basically we’ll become cavemen again! To elaborate it, the movie gives you an example of two families and their plans for procreating. One is a highly educated couple that calculates every aspect of their lives, combined with the current situation in the world (including global economy, politics and ecology), into making a decision about having a child. The other family is a regular “trailer trash” low IQ couple, that doesn’t put so much effort, let’s rather say none, into making that type of a decision. The first couple decides that they will wait for a while, because their careers are going in a great direction and they are both rather busy at the moment, so it is not the perfect time for a baby. Couple number two just got the news that they are expecting once again, and that there was a little misunderstanding about who was supposed to be in charge of the contraception. In other words, they were both too horny and drunk to even think about stuff like that. Better luck next time! Two years pass and our first couple is ready for a child when it comes to their schedules but they decide to wait a year or two because the economy is pretty bad and it is not the best time to bring a child into the world. On the other hand, the hillbillies are at their sexual peak, popping babies like crazy, not caring about the fact that the husband is fucking half of the neighborhood and the wife is not capable of keeping the children or even him in order. A few more years pass, and our model citizens are still without a child, the biological clock took it’s course and it’s a little harder to get pregnant, they start thinking about artificial insemination. Family number two is still humping like rabbits. A couple of years latter wife number one becomes a widow. Her husband dies from a hart attack while trying to do his part of the whole artificial baby making process. It’s a sad day for science, and the widow of course. By this time, “proud parents” number two are on the path of becoming grandparents, because their little sunshine, Mr. Star Quarterback knocked up half of the high school cheerleading team.

Do you see the problem in this story?!

Mankind is domed because intelligent and educated people are beginning to wait longer and longer when it comes to becoming parents, and sometimes that waiting is endangering them of ever having a child. Even if they manage to sail into parenthood, it’s never more than one or two children. That draws a question….how come there are around half of million babies born in the world every day if we are postponing that act? The answer is quite clear from the example above…we might be keeping our legs crossed, but the less fortunate part of the population with IQ lover than room temperature is taking the matter into their own hands, or may I say hm-hm’s! Stupid people are just manufacturing babies which are gonna grow up to be just like them, and that is even more stupid. STUPID + STUPID = MORONS!!! You do the math. On every intelligent kid there are few dozens of idiots. Each smart kid, when he grows up, is going to have (just like his parents) a moderate number of children. The idiot is probably gonna produce a whole football team. You just add a couple of centuries in the equation and you get a world filed with Neanderthals which only know how to drink beer, have sex and in some cases maybe even kick a ball…

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