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Who needs inspiration or creativity….

Recently a “good friend” of mine (notice how I emphasized the good friend part…) complained (…if you don’t stop complaining you’re not gonna be so good anymore) on the lack of new posts coming from yours truly. I told him that at the moment there is nothing “worth writing about” happening in my life and that I am running low in the inspiration department. The following words that came out of his mouth were shocking: “Who cares for inspiration anymore, write about anything!”

Basically he said that nobody would give a crap for the subject, as long as I  post a new blog. Who cares, write about grocery shopping, dusting, Turkish TV novellas, laundry, and maybe if you’re really desperate like Carrie about a perfect french frie. I don’t know if I should feel flattered or just be worried!? It is unbelievable that people (read: my closest friends that have extra time on their hands are the only ones reading this kind of rubbish) like my writing and are willing to read it religiously no matter the content, but on the other hand I am beginning to wonder if the whole world is going nuts?!

Are we so obsessed with the packaging that we don’t even stop for a second, and think about what we’re really buying? In this case the product is a story. A story with no inspiration or a real subject, just a bunch of words, witty arranged, floating aimlessly throughout the screen. Where’s the point in that? Just to read a bunch of crap, amusement purposes only, without learning, revealing and discovering anything useful or new. The same goes for material products. For a second I almost considered buying a pair of plastic red lips on a stick….seriously!?! They definitely don’t have a function, not even in the art world, because they aren’t artwork. It’s a Chinese mass produced piece of home decoration, overpriced and not even so decorative.

We’re so obsessed with labels, brands and packaging that the bare product has become unimportant and almost obsolete.

The other day I came across a picture of a platinum and diamond, million dollar fishing hook. Can you believe the absurdness of that? An object that is usually made out of cheapest material is now, for the first and probably the last time in history, fit for a gold fish! Lol, get it? “Gold” fish! :D Fuck I’m tired….  Anyway,  it goes into a fishes mouth for Crist’s sake, and some idiot came up with an idea to make it out of platinum and cover it with diamonds and rubies. The saddest part is that there is probably another idiot in the word that will actually buy that diamonded piece of crap!

I think that now I can proudly say: I rest my case! People are dummies and marketing suckers who are willing to buy anything whit a pretty pink bow or a “return to Tiffany” stamp. That includes you my friend….yes you. You’re the one that is reading this ridiculous post. Peace out sucker!  :P

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