utorak, 27. rujna 2011.

Working girl

What is the main preoccupation a girl has after finishing college? Finding a job, of course. What did you think I would say?!? Get married and have babies? I think NOT! I’m not saying that there’s anything wrong with that path, but considering that we live in the 21st century and that we wasted years and years fighting for our emancipation, I definitely think we should go the other way. 

The whole picture of a power career woman would be pretty dandy if it only wasn’t so god damn photoshopped. Every tv show, magazine and college guide show you the picture perfect side only, the big “she made it” add, none of them teach you how to actually make it? Once you manage to put together a decent resume (which is pretty hard considering that you don’t have  too much dazzling work experience to put in it, cause if you did you wouldn’t be in this position in the first place), bang a couple of sentences in a even more pathetic cover letter, and send the application, the only option left is to pray. Pray that the employer sees, from those few sentences, how you’re the most valuable asset that he could ever acquire. Yeah right! :P That’s just not fair! 

It’s not fair of the economy today, and the human resources department,  that they require both, a sparkling education and excellent work experience. I don’t know how does it work in your world, but in mine, that is pretty impossible. It is too much I you ask me, of any firm to demand of their candidates to have perfect qualifications the minute they leave the collage campus. As a full time student it is quite hard to attain any quality work experience before you graduate, because student jobs are usually lousy coffee cooking, paper fetching excuses in which the highest qualification that you can attain is the knowledge of answering a phone. That’s why I don’t understand all of the minimum two years of experience for junior positions at certain firms? Even on the popular sites that vow themselves to offer first job experiences for fresh college graduates, in 80 percent of cases, you can find job applications with a min of few years of experience. 

So how is a girl, or a guy for that matter, supposed to begin her/his bright career? If you have any cool ideas, please share them, cause at the moment I’m in the praying faze, keeping my fingers crossed only for a shot at the interview, nothing more…..so I can dazzle them with my wit and charm. :)

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